Italy men are not negative taste is not responsible for you

Daniele Zaccone, GQ contracted experts insist on our watch, to his call for "The Italian Flair". His favorite watch is two, he wore their different collocation suits, watch unchanged, is a change in the details, but a seemingly traditional new day. Today he is sharing with us and watch bracelet collocation laws, and how men are keen on the Italy. (note all images and text, GQ network has Chinese mainland men's exclusive rights, and prohibited pirates, be at the weight.) Men in Italy can not taste the negative table Daniele Zaccone wearing Cartire Pasha (1985 style, Arabic meaning Jixiangruyi) Now, watch as a symbol, it provides time, and divide people into ", from the background to the grade of various grades and ranks", are reflected in the rolex replica. This is what we say: "say what you wear, and I will tell you how you are."." Men in Italy can not taste the negative table Zaccone Daniele will retro Rolex Master GMT with the bracelet together But I never feel that watch is a "one size fits all" of the "objects", so many brands and styles are set, it is difficult for you to put out their own style. I love to watch and bracelet together, they are the best combination, a watch bracelet can change different wear different styles. Can make you so match, not your woman, but your natural life rules, the game life, this should be the case. Now watch the trend of design is like a "combination", combining the grade and design you together. You can put it as a part of the accessories, with your favorite Bracelet (men can also), it is very reflected in your style. The woman is welfare, watches and jewellery, replica watches and jewelry will process together, exquisite craft has encountered cold full color jewelry, worn on the wrist will become a super accessories. First it is the person who dare to challenge the designer Valentino Garavani, shows his clothing, watches and jewelry with elements, certainly not every one of us can go to the master design level, but as long as you can watch will be wearing their own taste and texture, Why not?? For example, I personally love to wear rolex replica at the same time in Anil Arjandas is the collocation Bracelet accessories, you can put it and the same watch worn on the wrist, can also be separated to wear, since you have two wrist can go to show their own taste, why not use up? But remember, in the accessories mix, to maintain balance and uniformity, all things to be simple, avoid too much. If accessories, bracelet too much pile in the body, the wrist, can only make you look very "show off" and not enough "into the flow". There are many Italy men in this area are very persuasive collocation skill, they will be good at combining watches and accessories, and it looks very natural, this is the collocation of Italian, such as Gianni Agnelli (honorary chairman of Italy Fiat Group (Flavio) Briatore hand developed many super star driver, Luca, DI) Montezemolo (CEO of Ferrari), Lapo Elkann (Gianni Agnelli's grandson, Fiat "childe), they have their own unique style, and not a basic wear watches, you can say that this style is not suitable for you, but you can't ignore them.