Retro table to buy is the classic story

Retro designed watches are very popular in the past few years, and the major brands are also introduced different styles of re engraved series, adding their existing style. Vintage watch is not only the image of the pursuit of fashion, but the greater significance is groping the way the history of the brand, once again create a great sensation, watch design with a long history of culture and value to the statement of love, hope that these watches from the new interpretation of history, and allow the wearer to replica watches uk and write down your story. Retro table to buy is the classic story Cartire's Tank series is a long history of style Tank Louis Cartier Cartier Cartire's Tank series is a long history of style, as early as 1917, the first time since the launch of the Cartire LOUIS TANK series has swept the world. The latest version of the retro introduced ultra-thin manual movement, watch the thickness of only 5.1 mm, the design is simple and classic is the first men's dress watch. Jaeger Le Coulter Reverso series is the 30s classic creation, then specifically for polo players during the design, the surface reverse to avoid the movement of the shock. Now this style has become famous classic styles, new design with modern elements, from different color surface design to different core functions, such as calendar, timing, and even tourbillon. The whole original development of the movement to ensure that both the function and quality are the highest level. Rolex Cellini series may be little known to a series of. Along with the high performance motion table as a symbol of the brand, in fact, in early 20s, Cellini already exists in the Rolex series. The Basel Watch Fair, rolex replica will be the first time this classic style from new to introduce, in the design and the movement more perfect to get a lot of collectors love. The classic series of the nations flight as early as 60s on the flight watch circle set your seat. The iconic big crown design was designed to be easy for the pilot to adjust the time, but now it has become known as the design of their flying series. The new design enhances the surface digital reading, but still kept in classical style Vacheron Constantin historical series of this from the 1921 watch, very special design to turn the watch clockwise. This design was the time when the United States wanted them to design a car that can be driven at the same time, easy to read the dial display time and design. A very special design but contains a great historical element. Panerai Radiomir was designed for the Italy Navy Military Watch design. With strong reading and waterproof as the standard, is a very popular sports watch brand. The latest Radiomir series uses Panerai's self made movement to improve the accuracy and quality. Tudor is a brand owned by replica watches at the time, the design and function of a lot of Rolex at the time of impact. But their history is not inferior to that in 60s Tudor launched their own Submarina sub series. The most special place is the design of the snow. Now the Black Bay series with black and red color match replay by everyone's love. When El Primero is really representative of 60s chronograph watch, classic classic. The only time series of DI and even Rolex with had used their movement, the modern El Primero with 30 seconds chronograph movement improved, but also improve the movement speed and accuracy, is a modern classic. BREITLING aviation Chronograph series was the end of 50s of the International Air Transport Association (AOPA)'s watch. Special case design with circular slide, help the pilot calculation of different equations. The new Navitimer series uses the Breitling self movement, more than 70 hours of power saving. Both the exterior design and function are exactly the same as those of the year.