Buy a table just care about one thing: who do you want to please?

I spent so much price (Sometimes does not exclude the risk maishen) bought a piece of table, figure figure is not what others know is what? Isn't that what it looks like? I think this is the real mentality of the majority of the purchase table, and I think there is no shame in the export of. Get to buy a table it like with personal faith, you cannot say that everyone's faith can only listen to the statements of a school, but we pursue ashamed to say it, say anything, there is a cheap but not cheap to hurt them. Frankly speaking, the movement costs accounted for the low proportion of the entire table (of course, the other said complex movement) most people are not willing to admit that I say, and what I say is the core, including 2824, 7750, or even 3135 Rolex such a mature and stable reliable movement. So what do you buy a watch? I think it is design, is the product phase, is his favorite degree. In fact, I think this should also become a luxury attitude, what is a luxury for you? I think it makes you happy, you really fall in love with it. Buy a table only talk about the movement, which is actually show a layman's quality, false, I did not bother to refute, not college debate. Many people love retro or replica watches uk , say directly that antique watches. But let me remind you of antique table water is too deep, must be careful, most of the antique table are not valuable, which almost all of the antique watch are not valuable, why not worth? Because in the history of women watch, belonging to the subsidiary position, it is not a lot of jewelry, is a necessity. But then I went back to the above point of view, if you feel interested in it, it is not for sale, then, how much money is worth it, you just use it to please yourself, that is not good can please you group with a similar aesthetic person. And if you really want to Amoy to a top of the antique table, but also need to know its product phase, Newman took a dial on the value of hundreds of thousands. Why? I told you is beautiful. Is not material, but the product phase. This time, you love about connotation, when Fan Bingbing and Fengjie stand together, the answer is self-evident now. From the antique table when it comes to the past two years seems to be more and more fierce back to the back of the ancient / complex carved table wind, I personally feel that this is not a good thing. Why? Every age has its own unique style, like clothing and fashion, of course, in which there are some classic style day will be retro fans turned out, but most of the past is past. Retro wind is not a good thing, in my opinion is now a lack of innovation and innovation. You may doubt that the field of clocks and watches should not be about all heritage it? However, inheritance is not the same. And I said the innovation is the lack of design. In the very early movement can be very mature, but the lack of design is not mature, but good design has become less and less, so that people feel the table before looking, good-looking, have feelings. Buy a table just care about one thing: who do you want to please? Rolex red and blue circle table For example, rolex replica blue and red circle in the table, then there is no red, is to stop, to see the new fans, turned back to the old buy, so this is why most sporty Rolex discontinued but more expensive, and a good friend to cause more goods more where is the. Buy a table just care about one thing: who do you want to please? Rolex red and blue circle table If I recommend, I push Rolex movement table, sub, Daytona, coke ring which is worthy of life with good goods, the sooner the more cost-effective hand. Why recommend them? Because I think Rolex in the design of no one, and it is very simple, but not simple. How do you say that? Take for example it is not black ghost, decorative design redundant, all the design details, are to practicality, but it is not a simple. Simple in my opinion, is the simple things to do subtraction, imitating the words like the model of anorexia, very extreme, no beauty at all. In addition, if from the brand of Rolex, OMEGA and Longines are the three generation of mouth good brands, do not underestimate Longines, although I was a work of iron, but in the era of Longines watch, but do not know how much higher than Rolex. OMEGA needless to say, although I feel for it, but it is one of the few can be regarded as one of the great brands. Let me make an example for OMEGA, a magical Nandi North beggar ashes drug in the legend of the Condor Heroes, they are very true to the master, but the role of Guo Jing is the pillar of the state. OMEGA can boast force, not just to sell a good so simple, but to sell the reasons behind the good. With luxury goods for example, may watch brand replica watches, Patek Philippe, OMEGA conference, can sit on the podium, but can sit up is different, OMEGA and Rolex as Louis Vuitton, Patek Philippe is more like Hermes, among them secret, we are in the heart. Buy a table just care about one thing: who do you want to please? Blancpain 50 fathoms